Grande Beer Connoisseur



The Moa Beer Company focus on brewing premium, boutique
and rear beers.  Moa’s  key point difference is in its brewing
technique. Fermented and  conditioned in the bottle. Just
like champagne.

  • Five Bottles of Moa Beer Beer
  • Rosenborg Danish Brie Cheese
  • Terrine De Champagne Pork Pate
  • Black Pepper Peanuts
  • Maison Therese Pickled Cornichons
  • Black Pepper & Cheddar Savoury Bites
  • Bombay Savoury Mix
  • Kiwi Biltong
  • Red Pepper Pesto Dip
  • Traditional French Nougat
  • Ferrero Rocher Chocolate

    Why not add some Chocolates

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